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A game about running on your phone.

iOS & Android

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A game about ninja stars trying to cut your fingers.

iOS & Android

#GameDevelopment #GameDesign #Producing

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5 game prototypes I made in a week each.




I am Paul van Luling, aka Fried Candle.

Since I was very young I have always been interested in how animated movies and video games were made. I was the kid who watched the behind the scenes dvd that came with Pixar movies. So after high school I decided to learn these things.

First I attended Mediacollege Amsterdam to study Game Art. After graduating I was, in my opinion, not ready for the games industry yet so I applied for Game Design and Development at HKU (University of Arts Utrecht). Here I learned how to design and program/prototype my own ideas.

With both a degree in Game Art and Game Design and Development I have the tools to create games on my own, or be a valuable asset to any game development team.

Which let to the creation of Fried Candle. With Fried Candle I want to create interesting games about my wacky ideas. Check them out on my page.

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