A game about running on your phone.

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Game Concept

Run came to be when I was making Schuriken and was thinking of using two fingers (like a little hand-person) on your screen to run. This lead to a weekly prototype which lead to this full release. The first act will be a 100m dash.

Game Design

Run is my second game where the player (or their hand more acurately) is the actual character or the game. In Run you need to run as fast as possible to the finishline. I made the track the length so that the fastest possible time would be around the 100m dash world record (9-10 seconds).

Level Design

In this first act there is no real level design. I want in the first act the player to have a save haven to try the mechanic. So there are no obstacles in the player's way. In later acts this can and will be the case.

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