Create the most sustainable street in the city of Utrecht
Street builder

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Game Concept

Straatje was a project in collaboration with Witteveen+Bos and Gemeente Utrecht (Municipalty of Utrecht). In Straatje the player gets the same tools as Witteveen+Bos when building the new Croeselaan. There are three main pillars the player needs to keep in mind; Cost, Sustainability and Infrastructure.
There is a fixed budget for renovating the new Croeselaan. This is 1.5 million euros. Anything under is good for the budget, anything over not so much.
Sustainability is a large part of the new Croeselaan. This street is supposed to be the most sustainable street in the city of Utrecht. But more sustainable solutions cost a little more..
The last pillar is Infrastructure. Because the headquarters of Rabobank (one of the largest Dutch banks) is located on the Croeselaan and a lot of people work there, Infrastucture is very important. All Rabobank employees need to be able to travel to and from work easily.

My Contribution

I was the main game designer on this project so all design decisions came from my end. The decisions were mainly what the main pillars were and how they were going to be implemented. This was tested with excessive paper prototying before building the digital game.

Game design document

Below is the game design doc I created for Straatje.