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Narrative-driven puzzle game.

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Game Concept

In The Tape you play as a machine-learning robot in the 80's. There were several test subjects before you. They didn't have the required level of intellect that is required to reach the end. However, with their final breath, they each recorded 5 seconds of instructions that could assist you in your path to excellence. If you should fail, you will also be able to record 5 seconds of audio to help your successors. The tape has room for 1 minute of recorded audio until the capacity is reached. There are still 50 seconds left on the tape. When the tape ends, you have 2 minutes to find the solution. Use the information of your predecessors wisely.

My Contribution

I was one of two game designers during this Global Game Jam game. I was responsable for some of the puzzles the player would face in this game. Because it's a game jam and game jams are game jams, I took the task upon me of making the level mesh. So I built the level with my little blender knowledge.


The Tape won the 'Best Game Design' and 'Best Game' awards at the location HKU in Utrecht, the Netherlands.