Shifting Sacrifice

Fight together in space for your life, or great wealth.
Local co-op action game.

Windows & OSX - Six players

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Game Concept

In Piñata Wars you fight in teams of two against each other to harvest the most piñatas. Each player can choose their own role in the ship. You can choose fly or shoot. If you think you are not fit for your role you can change at every point by leaving the pod and walking to another pod. It is also mandatory to switch guns because the guns van only turn 180 degrees. The hallways in the ship are tight to create more chaos.

Over time your ship will get pretty damaged. There are different modules in the ship that can be damaged. These modules are: The cockpit, the guns and the engine. If the cockpit is damaged, the ship turnes slower, when the guns are damaged the shots per second are lower and when the engine is damaged the ship flies slower. To repair the modules you can spend candy you get from piñatas.

There are two ways players like to play Piñata Wars. Some players like to just harvest as most piñatas as they can to get a high score. Other players like to kill the other team to win like that.

My Contribution

In Piñata Wars I was the main game designer. The initial concept for the game came from me. In addition to that I built the tutorial/lobby crossover. The lobby is a stripped down version of the game where the player needs to fly their ship into the 'ready zone'. In order to do this, one player needs to go to the cockpit to fly the ship and the other player needs to go to the guns to shoot the pinata blocking the 'ready zone'.

Game Design Document

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